Chicago is a city that breeds haters, but Lil E (Eric Brown) and Recording artist E.C illa WhiteFolks plan on defying the odds. The pair come up with an amazing plan to bring Houston’s world famous “Syzurp”, a potent prescription cough syrup, to the streets of Chi. A true tale that incorporates the real neighborhoods and street gangs of Chicago, including the Gangster Disciples, Vice Lords, Black Stones, Latin Kings, and many more. Lil E’s plan of plans quickly becomes more complicated than he thought as he discovers how hard it is to trust his counterparts. Trust None features an all-star cast of the most respected artists in Chicago Rap. Starring E.C illa WhiteFolks, Psychodrama, The Legendary Traxster, and Crucial Conflict to name a few. Chicago’s debut street flic, Trust None is an instant classic!

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